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Bugs and fics and clex

A bug flew into my mouth on my walk to work this morning. After squealing, I had to peel it off my tongue. It was dead. Now the tip of my tongue tingles. Caroline says that I probably won’t die and that when the bug landed it must have squirted a bit of bug acid out of its butt and that’s what the tingling is. I may never fully get over this.
I have signed up for many challenges, which is scary, because I haven’t even considered sitting down and actually writing the stories.
This morning, in between bug attacks, I plotted out Norwich’s birthday fic in my head. It’s gonna be sick (in a good way). I also have to write my hetfic and my fic for a_clexian_tale, and my kink/cliché challenge fic and then there’s all the other porn that’s in my head just waiting to be typed out. There is not enough time in the day, I swear.
Okay, I’ve been pondering about the fanon characterisation of Clark and Lex recently. There are certain things that I accept as fact now, and for me it doesn’t change from fic to fic.
For example:
Lex is a sexually experienced bisexual who has been consciously infatuated with Clark from the moment he laid eyes on him. This is how he’s characterised by most SV writers I think, and it’s such a part of who he is to me that when I read him characterised differently I generally don’t buy it.
What about you guys? Is Clark all gay all the time? Does Lex always have to top? Talk to me!
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