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I had a night off drinking last night because I was feeling so tired and crappy yesterday, and the result of that is, I feel great today! I'm totally hyperactive and being really fun and everyone is laughing at my awesome jokes! I should not drink more often. Of course, days like this, when I'm in a super great mood are perfect drinking days. CRAZY!

I need new clothes really badly. I'm wearing my favourite teeshirt, which I bought last year for £3 from H&M and it was my favourite last year and it's STILL my favourite, because it looks so good on me.  £3!

Hamish has gone. His flight to Australia is at 12pm today. No more Hamish. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. He was someone who made lounging about constantly seem like a totally reasonable thing to do. Without him, I may start to feel guilty about it. 

Happy birthday althea_astrea! I hope your day is full of hardcore pornography with lots of anal. (As offensive as that might sound to you all, it is actually a little injoke, and totally appropriate.) Also, happy birthday alessandra84!  I hope your day is also full of hardcore pornography! Just because!

Btw, I got an email yesterday with the subject line: "Ooh you dirty (analy fixated) girl..."

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