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Smallville moan.

dawnybee posted a NYTimes article in her journal here, and I was commenting about it but it got so long and heartfelt that I decided to inflict my pain on you guys.

The article depressed me. I really hate AlMiles. This is the paragraph that stuck out (bold mine):

Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, the "Smallville" creators and executive producers, say they have no idea how they will resolve these problems when Season 6 begins in the fall. In an interview in Los Angeles Mr. Millar — British and tempered in speech — grimaced and said, "Getting out of the finales is always tricky." Mr. Gough, the more exuberant of the two, laughed and said, "We always go, 'Well, that's a problem for June.' "

So they don't even *know* what's going to happen? They're just making it up as they go along? Colour me shocked and disappointed (I'm not that shocked, but I am full of hate). I feel like crying. This means all the discussions we're having about what might be going on are MEANINGLESS. Because NOTHING is going on. They wrote a cool finale. And that's it. Now they have to resolve it and they don't know how and it doesn't even mean anything. I HATE THEM. Why do they have to be in charge? Why can't this have been the *beginning* of something incredible? An actual story with a beginning, a middle and an end?  Instead, it's just a beginning and what we'll probably get is no middle and an end which makes no sense.

I know this is the way it's always been on SV, but I really am invested in the Zod storyline and I really did believe that the *writers* knew what was going on (because we sure as hell have no fucking clue). But they don't! AlMiles don't even care! All they care about is getting the ratings up and ensuring themselves another season. Why do I love a show so much that doesn't think ahead EVER? I know I'll love whatever they dish out because I'm easy like that, but still.


On a brighter note, I'm writing mpreg. \o/

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