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Porn funny. Icons not.

Morning all.

It's pissing down with rain in London so instead of walking to work I caught the tube and read the Metro. For the record, the Metro is the free daily newspaper that every commuter reads and it's a trashy, shitty, badly written paper that I despise. Still, I read it when I have to. This caught my eye (from the article about the TV Baftas, bold is mine):

"Political satire The Thick Of It took best sitcom and comedy performance, won by star Langham who is on bail for alleged porn offences."

Um. What now? 

I'm sorry, but what the freaking heck is a "porn offence"?

Is that like when a writer uses the term "weeping cock"?

I HAVE NO CLUE. Please, if you know the answer, tell me. I have to find out. Or failing that, amusing guesses will completely make my day.


Yesterday I did something nuts. I spent much of the afternoon and evening making icons. HA! I have this software on my computer that I think might have come with the computer or something because it’s always just magically been there, called PhotoImpact (I think) and it’s perfect for a dunce like me because it’s really easy to use and it’s good for things like cropping and it lets you adjust the lighting and shit like that.
My icons SUCK. I don’t really know what I’m doing at ALL. I’ll complete one, be quite pleased, then look at it next to icons by people who are actually proper icon makers and then I curse the world. That said, I am going to show you guys a couple of the ones I made that I’m least embarrassed by. Laugh at me if you must.



Anyway, the conclusion is that icon making is HARD. But it's also completely addictive and I can hardly wait to try again tonight. Eventually I might even get proper icon making software. HOW EXCITING FOR EVERYONE.
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