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Happy May the First!

This means I have a new picture on my Beatles calendar to look at and it's a very cute one. The boys are playing their instruments in what looks like a jungle. They are young and super cute and all in black.

If you coulda shagged a Beatle, which one would youa shagged? (I woulda shagged all of them quite frankly, but my first choice would be John.)

There's one thing I will never forgive Friends for. Not YOU guys. The show. That they didn't cast Tom Welling in the role of Tag. WTFF? They've been playing the Tag episodes recently and A) he's NOT GOOD LOOKING (even though he's supposed to be really pretty) and B) He's NOT FUNNY. see, Tommy is both extremely pretty and totally funny. He's also sexy, and I just know he would have made the scenes with Rachel hot. The actor they went with didn't even have any sexual chemistry with JA/Rachel, so I'm just bewildered. Why on earth did he get the job? Tom should have got that job, dammit. I keep imagining it's him when I watch Friends, and he's really good! And HOT! And imagine how cool it would have been for him. To be on FRIENDS. The biggest show ever in the history of EVER! That you kind of have to be a souless humour-void not to enjoy! (Ewan, if you happen to be reading this, I don't mean you. Despite your hatred of Friends you're generally pretty cool.) That role belonged to Tom. I'm outraged on his behalf, and on the behalf of all Welling fans out there. And who I actually feel the most sorry for is Jennifer Aniston. She didn't get to make out with Tommy! She instead, had to make out with crappy!Tag. POOR JENNIFER ANISTON.

Weirdly, I could go on for quite a lot longer about that subject but I won't. I'm drinking bad cheap wine at the moment and it's not even five o'clock. WHAT. I'm on holiday so I'm allowed.
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