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I feel better today, and I've actually done useful things. I washed clothes! And we got ourselves a new flatmate!

A GIRL. Her name is Juliet and she's Australian and she's very friendly and nice and she's, like, TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL (her mum's half vietnemse or something). She wasn't jumping for joy over the sloping ceilings in the attic room, but she loved the rest of the house and she loved us (natch). She's a yoga nut. o.O I think she works for Disney. I don't think we have anything in common at *all* but that's okay; as long as she doesn't judge me for drinking on my own and spending too much time in front of the computer we'll be sweet.


Yesterday's clex porn poll was interesting.

25 of us don't have a preference about who tops, but those who do, generally like it to be Lex.

What have I written more of? So far, it's fifty fifty in the poll.  But actually, you were all wrong. Or all right. I'm not sure. I went through my stories and it goes like this:  In six of my stories, Lex fucks Clark and in six of my stories, Clark fucks Lex. HA!  However, the people who think I've written Clark fucking Lex more often are technically correct, because I'm counting No Choice as one of the stories where Lex fucks Clark, but there's an imbalance there because for most of that story, Clark is fucking the living crap out of LEX. So you all win. Or lose. WHO CARES.

As for the kinks you'd like to see me write, there are a few I've been meaning to try. Cross dressing/makeup, for one, because although I don't find men in drag even remotely hot, I do enjoy a challenge, so I'll put that on my list, teot. Fisting kind of freaks me out, but I'll consider it. And hell YES do I want to tie Clark up soon. Against his will, Lex being an evil sexy fucker, using kryptonite to keep Clark weak, but of course, Clark can't help being turned on because he's a filthy bitch. \o/

The biggest thing happening this week is that I have the next three days off work and toadstoolsmiles and bop_radar are coming to stay with me! On Tuesday!  I'm very excited! This will be my first time meeting friends off LJ and I'm sure it won't be the last. Becky's dad told her to meet us in public in case we're men. I can vouch for me being a chick but not for them. (I'll let you all know.)

Btw, yesterday I watched some gay porn (not SV, actual gay porn). It was totally hot and I preferred it to straight porn. Who woulda thought!
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