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Happy Birthday Tommy!!

Um. Yeah, I'm posting AGAIN. But that's because it's Tom Welling's birthday and I made him a super special birthday banner which you will all love a lot. Because I am a banner making GENIUS. 

rumpuso kindly reminded me that I needed to temporarily snap out of my Lex trance and write somthing smutty about Tommy on his 29th bday. I then offered to make a banner because it's my thing today. God you guys are gonna flip out over it. SERIOUSLY.

Okay, I'm sorry. I did it in about five minutes because making banners at work will get me in trouble. But hey! I TRIED.

Now to think of something smutty to say...

*cracks knuckles*

At twenty nine, Tom Welling is a very experienced lover. He's done it all. See, I respectfully disagree with all of you who said that Mikey is the kinkiest out of the WB boys. I admit, I initially chose Mike, but then I realised that, of course, Tom is much kinkier.  IMAGINE IT. Can you imagine someone THAT hot fucking you really well and then murmuring in your ear, "how about we spice things up a little." Then he puts you over his knee and spanks your ass with an open palm and it hurts like hell but you're so turned on and so wet and completely at his mercy. He likes being dominant and maybe humiliating his lovers just a little bit. He likes taking pictures of girls (or boys) while they're sucking his cock. Which is so big that when he fucks you it's almost painful.

Okay, now I'm all hot and bothered.

Happy birthday beautiful man. WE LOVE YOU!
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