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I am so obsessed with the SV S5 finale poster than the moment I got to work I printed it out on the colour printer and then stuck it right next to my computer so that I can look at it CONSTANTLY. Caroline thinks I'm a giant dork now and I DON'T CARE. Here's a question. If someone were to make me an icon of Lex from that poster with the tagline (because, hello, the tagline is almost as hot as Lex is), is that considered spoilerish? As in, would it be rude to use that icon, like NOW? (Btw, anyone who wants to make me that icon will be rewarded with PORN. LEX PORN.) GIP - look at the wicked icon laurab1 already made!

If I mention this poster constantly all week I'm sorry in advance. I wasn't even going to look at it either, because I'm a massive spoilerphobe, but then I thought, fuck it. And I'm glad I did because it's not especially spoilerish and also, I want to have Lex's babies (and I HATE kids).

OMG. I just realised that today's post is identical to yesterday's post. The truth is, I have only one thing on my mind right now and that's Lex. If that makes me boring then SCREW YOU I'M BORING.
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